Founded by Smriti and Shivani Wadhwa, Tech Team Arcadia instructs different coding basics and languages to elementary and middle school students.

So far, we have taught coding languages like Scratch Basics, HTML, CSS and Javascript Basics, Java, and Python coming soon!

By learning to code, a person’s logical, critical, and procedural thinking gets enhanced. So, its beneficial for children to start acquiring this skill at a young age!

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world, our classes moved completely online through Zoom and Google Classroom.

While this was a change of pace and a minor inconvinience at first, it enabled us to connect with those who are farther than a small 20 mile radius.

Now, we have students from various states across the U.S.A, and various countries including Canada and India. As the pandemic passes, we plan to stay online to maintain the widespread range of students we have.

A portion of all of our proceeds go towards one of the above donations each term. We believe it is important to give back to our community as much as possible and we thank you all for making this possible to do so. Click on each organization above to learn more.