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Web Design Projects

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Created by Aashi, Shraddha, Geetham, and Yalini, this website gives new tourists links for fun locations to visit, a currency converter, and a picture gallery of the best views of America.
Created by Naytra, Shalini, Kabir, and Dhairya, this website gives aspiring environmentalists ways to help and information on the pollution of our world.
Created by Krish, Krishna, Yash, and Akash, this website is filled with recommendations for comics, graphic novels, and books for students of elementary and middle school.
Created by Amol, Rakshitha, and Shaivi, this website is filled with facts about our universe ranging from the milky way galaxy, to specific details about our own planet Earth!
Created by Kruthika, Risha, and Anika, this website is a guide for puppy lovers and new dog owners who want to learn how to take good care of their dogs and make them happy.
Created by Tejas, Harikesh, Amogha, and Srihersh, this website contains well-researched information about mental health and stress. It also includes additional information on how to get help and side effects.
Created by Akhil, Ajith, Aryan, and Anish, this website takes a look at some questionable detective cases and stories! Enjoy reading each blog entry!
Created by Daniel, Arjun, and Rayhil, this website gives you a guide to the world's most beautiful locations and attractions from different continents.
This is a Scratch project made by a student in our CS First Friends Class. Click the Flag to play!
This project is a clock that a student made in our Javascript Intro Class. It uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
This project is a temperature converter that a student made in our Javascript Intro Class. In this project, you can insert a temperature into either Celcius, Farenheight, or Kelvin and it will convert the temperature to the other two forms. It uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
This was a project created at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It was created to help track the levels of essential supplies in nearby stores in the Arcadia/San Gabriel Valley area. This was incredibly important because the less that people have to travel to find supplies, the safer they would be from the virus.